About Playful Nature Kids Counseling, LLClogo_center

Playful Nature Kids Counseling, LLC is a specialized therapy practice created exclusively for children ages 2 -11 years old and their families. We recognize, support and celebrate a child’s need to learn, heal and communicate through their natural language of play. According to research, young children express their feelings and heal most effectively, in a therapeutic play environment. Children’s growing emotional and psychological development prevents them from communicating their feelings verbally in ways parents understand and instead, may express these emotions through troubling behaviors. These behaviors can be a child’s way of alerting parents that some professional, therapeutic intervention is needed.

Holli Farrell, Licensed Psychotherapist, Registered Play Therapist and Director of Playful Nature Kids Counseling LLC, is specially trained to understand a child’s “language of play” and provides unique, fun and effective play based therapies, personalized to each child’s individual interests, learning and healing needs in a comfortable, kid-friendly setting. Therapies are not a one-size-fits-all approach, but are specific to each child’s emotional development. Therapies are client-centered which means that your child actively collaborates in the healing process by selecting and engaging in a variety of therapy-based play activities, with the support of a trained therapist they can trust. This essential process allows children the opportunity to feel safe, empowered and understood during sessions, providing maximum benefit and powerful, effective change.