How do I know if my child needs therapy?

Parent intuition usually lets you know when there is something different or concerning about your child’s behavior. Any life changes or adjustments at home or at school, may prove difficult for your child. There are many other “signs” your child may be sending you to communicate that there is something your child needs help with. If you are frustrated or concerned, please call for a free phone consultation at 813-701-3153 or send an email to info@playfulnaturekidscounseling.com. We can help you sort it out.

Will my child be laying on a couch talking about feelings?

No, not at all. Research shows children learn and heal best through “play therapy” not “talk therapy” like adults. Toys are the child’s words and play is their language. At Playful Nature Kids Counseling, we celebrate this process by providing children a safe, trusting environment with a wide variety of carefully selected play, sand and expressive art materials in which to best communicate and express their feelings. We do talk of course, but this effective, research-based technique is carefully balanced in combination with directive and non-directive interventions, play and activity. This is a highly-skilled, specialized area where we have significant training and experience… and we love what we do!

How will I know what my child is doing in session?

Parents play an integral part in their child’s therapy process. Therefore, we have created several ways for parents to support their child and feel included in their process. Parents are provided with weekly parent/therapist communication forms to communicate about their child’s process. 30 or 60 minute in-office, parent consultations are also regularly scheduled to discuss your child’s treatment, answer questions and collaborate on parenting tips and strategies to best support your child.

How long will therapy take?

Individual child counseling sessions are 45 minutes in length and are usually scheduled weekly. All children are unique in their healing process and therefore the length of time in therapy can depend on many factors, however we do provide a three to six month guideline for parents. Some children need more time, others need less.

Do you take insurance?

Playful Nature Kids Counseling, LLC is a private pay provider and has made an informed choice not to participate in insurance panels at this time. There are many reasons for this decision, however the most important is to protect your child’s confidentiality and therapeutic process. Insurance companies require your child’s personal information including a mental health diagnosis and place limitations on the therapeutic process. In order to promote the mission of Playful Nature Kids Counseling, LLC and support your child’s unique, healing process, we have selected not to accept these restrictions, including those of out of network providers. Playful Nature Kids Counseling, LLC is not able to contact or discuss client needs with insurance companies. Therefore, it is imperative that you address all insurance questions with your insurance company directly.

How do I pay for sessions?

Full payment is due at each session or pre-paid in advance as deemed appropriate by the therapist.  Playful Nature Kids Counseling, LLC accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards, most HSA cards, Step Up for Students Gardiner Scholarship and checks made payable to Playful Nature Kids Counseling for session payment and can provide you with an emailed receipt for your personal use upon request.

What are your rates?

Initial Intake Parent Consultation: 60 min session for $200

Individual Child Play Therapy Sessions: 45 min sessions for $120

Parent Consultations & Coaching: 30 min parent-only sessions for $60

Child & Parent Groups/Special Events/Workshops: TBD

Professional Collaborations: *Contact us for details

School Visits: *Contact us for details

Canine-Assisted Reading Programs: *Contact us for details

Canine-Assisted Writing Program: *Contact us for details

Equine Assisted Programs: TBD

How can I be sure I am getting my money’s worth?

Like you, we consider your family’s emotional wellness an honorable investment. You will find we are priced competitively with other private therapy practices in the area. However, we are unique in that we provide a specialized, boutique-style practice exclusively for children. We do not see adults or teens for individual therapy. Our specialized training and professional practice is passionately focused on providing children with effective, fun, developmentally appropriate therapy and learning processes and providing their parents with the emotional support and guidance they need to create lasting, positive change in their families. We are referred for services not by insurance companies, but by satisfied families and respected child professionals in the Tampa area.

Where are you located?

Playful Nature Kids Counseling, LLC is located at 106 Mason Street in Brandon.  We are central to most Tampa areas and easily accessible for FishHawk, Valrico, Brandon, Riverview, Lakeland, Apollo Beach and South Tampa families.

What do I do while my child is in session?

Parents are required to remain on site while their child is in session so why not enjoy the time alone and read one of our provided magazines or enjoy our free wifi and soft music? Our private waiting room also accommodates the needs of siblings with a train table, children’s books, games, blocks, puzzles, a table and chairs for homework and fun sensory toys. Our location is also steps away from the historic ice cream and snack shop Campbell’s Dairyland, the Brandon Regional Library and All Person’s Rotary Park if you care to enjoy a visit with your child before or after sessions.

What if I have questions or concerns in between sessions?

There are many ways to find the support you need. If an emergency arises in between sessions, please call 911, go to the nearest emergency room or call 211 for 24-hour crisis counseling. For questions concerning Playful Nature Kids Counseling services or appointments please call 813-701-3153 or email info@playfulnaturekidscounseling.com and your call/email will be returned as soon as possible, Monday-Friday. Weekly session parent communication forms are the best way to discuss any other issues, questions or concerns about your child. You can always call or email to schedule an in-office 30 minute parent consultation as well.  Most families find that consistent child session and parent consultation attendance provides them with the coping skills, support and empowerment they need to manage independently in between weekly sessions.

How do I get started?

Call 813-701-3153 today to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation or send us a brief email through our website contact page at info@playfulnaturekidscounseling.com. Please note that our clients always receive our full attention while in session – so if we are unavailable when you call, please leave a voicemail or send us an email. Your contact will be returned as soon as possible, Monday-Friday. If leaving a voice mail, please clearly state your name, contact number, reason for calling and your best available time to speak privately.  We will gladly return your call/email to answer any questions you may have after reviewing our website and conduct a free 15 minute phone consultation to consider if Playful Nature Kids Counseling is an appropriate fit for you and your child. Upon agreement, our next step is to set a prompt, convenient time for a 60 minute parent-only office consultation and facility tour. We do provide excellent referrals to other specialists when appropriate, so rest assured you will find the help you need when you contact us.

*Please note that Playful Nature Kids Counseling, LLC is not a crisis center. If you or your child is in immediate need of services, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. To speak to a 24-hour crisis counselor, please call 211.

What can I expect at my first visit?

Your initial in-office parent consultation will be provided at our Brandon office at a mutually agreed upon time. This intake appointment will be without children present, so please make appropriate plans for childcare during this time to ensure a full, complete 60 minutes for adult discussion. Unattended children are also not permitted in the office waiting room for their safety. This initial meeting is to discuss and honor your concerns, review therapeutic procedures and paperwork, and determine if Playful Nature Kids Counseling is appropriate for your child and family. You will also receive a tour of our fun and friendly playroom! Feel free to ask any questions at this time and decide if you are ready to commit to the therapeutic process. Contact us today at 813-701-3153 or info@playfulnaturekidscounseling.com. It would be our pleasure to speak to you about how we can best help your child.