Parent Consultations & Coaching


Parent consultations, regularly scheduled with your child’s therapist, are essential in order to provide your child with a complete and thorough plan for treatment. Your child’s progress will be discussed and any parent questions or concerns will be addressed as needed, so we can collaborate on how best to continue helping and supporting your child. Parent consultations are scheduled every three weeks, or after every third individual child therapy session. Additional consultation appointments can be scheduled, if necessary, as requested by parent and/or therapist to address specific concerns.


Many parents appreciate a little extra guidance and support to help them navigate the journey of parenthood. Coaching is not therapy but an available, as-needed way for parents to learn new skills and strategies, set effective goals and receive guidance and emotional support during their child’s therapeutic process. Our coaching services encompass a holistic approach for parents integrating time management and positive parenting strategies, stress-reduction and relaxation techniques, self-care, and inspiration. The parent and therapist may decide during coaching sessions that a need to address deeper issues the parent may be struggling with, via individual psychotherapy sessions, may be a more appropriate choice.